"We love working with Sharon and have collaborated with her on a number of projects for our marketing needs. Every time we hire her for a photo or video recording of our concerts and rehearsals we know the job will be executed well and delivered on time, with an exceptional creative touch and the highest technical standards. We are so grateful that Sharon takes special interest in the dynamic arts scene in Philadelphia: She is a pleasure to work with, and her natural understanding of the artistic process and passion for the arts make her a wonderful resource for all things arts and music marketing in our city."  - Inna Lobanova-Heasley, Director of Marketing and Communications of Choral Arts Philadelphia and The Bach Festival of Philadelphia

"Working with Sharon Torello has been a fantastic experience from start to finish. During the editing process, she listened not just to what I wanted, but also paid attention to what I needed, and the result was something we both can be proud of. Sharon is a top-notch collaborator with high quality equipment and a keen eye for what works in social media, and I can't wait to work with her again!" - Maren Montalbano, mezzo-soprano

"I've had the opportunity to work with Sharon Torello on several projects ranging from photography to videography to some of the earliest LocalArtsLive events, and she's a wonderfully warm, efficient collaborator. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her skill is obvious but understated--she never makes herself the story but is always genuinely engaged in furthering the project at hand. That's a rare treat for performers!"  - Caroline Winschel, Co-Founder, Chestnut Street Singers

"Sharon Torello has brought competence, enthusiasm, and a practical perspective to her project work for Piffaro, The Renaissance Band. She has produced a number of marketing and fundraising pieces for us, all successful, but it's her work on our Google Cultural Institute exhibit for which we are most grateful. This was an important opportunity that presented itself with very little time for execution, yet Sharon was able to marshall our limited existing resources to integrate audio, video, and still photography into a beautiful digital product that we were proud to launch at Carnegie Hall in January 2016." - Shannon Cline, Executive Director, Piffaro, A Renaissance Band

"I'm so pleased with the work Sharon Torello has done for Chamber Orchestra FIRST EDITIONS website and other promotional materials, including a superb video, and excellent photos. Great job, Sharon!" - James Freeman, Artistic Director, Chamber Orchestra FIRST EDITIONS

"I can't say enough good things about Sharon Torello! Her videography skills are impeccable--her sensibilities, her creativity, and she is so easy to work with and is extremely efficient and prompt. Thank you Sharon for all the work you've done for me and my ensemble." - Phyllis Chapell www.phyllischapell.com

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