The Google Cultural Institute began as a way to allow virtual visitors to tour the world's greatest art museums from their own computers or mobile devices. Google has been adding new topics over the years and I created an exhibit for Piffaro, the Renaissance Band that was included in the December 2015 launch of Performing Arts at Carnegie Hall. The exhibit uses the beautiful Google Gallery service to display large images, videos, and music in a format that inspires participants to explore. I believe that this presents a great opportunity for many organizations to present historical, educational, and "behind the scenes" content while attracting visitors from other areas of this vast and growing site.

I can help you to get established in the Google Cultural Institute or create your own stand-alone gallery that can be embedded in your website.

(The screen shot of the Google Cultural Institute below shows how a search of "Renaissance Musical Instruments" brings up results that include the gallery for Piffaro.)

Untitled photo

Google Galleries Portfolio


Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia

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